Separate but equal??

This Thursday, you’re invited to attend TWO events in New York City for Diversity in the City Schools:

Laundry City is the title of a play written, directed, and performed by New York City high school students with the help of the Epic Theatre Company.

On Thursday, December 7, 2017, at 6:30 PM, Community Schools District 15 will present a free performance of the play, followed by a lively discussion of gentrification, segregation, and inequality in New York City public schools. New York City’s school system includes some of the most extreme segregation in the United States, and families, activists, and city officials are working on ways to address this reality.

The play and the discussion will be held at P.S. 24 at 427 38th Street, between 4th and 5th Avenue. Click HERE for a flyer to download and print.  The event is free and open to the public.


ALSO ON THURSDAY December 7 at 1:00PM

Councilmembers Ritchie Torres and Brad Landers invite you to City Hall in Manhattan, to attend the New York City Council Education Committee’s oversight hearing on “Diversity in New York City Schools”:   
Date:               Thursday, December 7th, 2017
Time:               1 P.M. (DOE will testify first; public testimony likely to begin around 2 pm)
Location:         Council Chambers – City Hall, Lower Manhattan
This hearing will begin with testimony from the NYC Department of Education (DOE) about the plan they released in the spring (“Equity and Excellence for All: Diversity in New York City Public Schools”), the third-annual “School Diversity Accountability Act” report (just released last week), and other efforts such as their recently-announced plan for District 1 and the work they are beginning for District 15 middle-schools.
After that — and just as important — the hearing will also provide an opportunity for the City Council to hear public testimony from students, parents, educators, and advocates working to combat school segregation and create truly integrated schools.

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