Community Schools Initiative at P.S. 124

What is a Community School?  This year, P.S. 124 became a Community School when we were awarded a 5-year grant from the 21st Century Community Learning Centers. The 21st CCLC program provides federal funding to create “community learning centers” or Community Schools — schools that provide extra academic, artistic and cultural enrichment opportunities for children, helping them meet state and local standards in core academic subjects such as reading, math and science. The program also offers students a broad array of after-school, and before-school and holiday activities, and always works to include families and the community in the educational process.

What does it mean at P.S. 124?  Under the 21st CCLC grant P.S. 124 partners with a community-based organization (a CBO) which oversees the grant, and the staffing and programming of new activities during and after the school day. The CBO also provides essential services like counseling and guidance.  At P.S. 124, our partner is an organization called Counseling in Schools (CIS), which provides experienced staff to support students’ emotional and social growth, and guidance, during the school day. CIS fosters an environment that equips students, families, teachers, and administrators with the right tools for addressing problems and coping with different challenges they may face. Counseling in Schools and our Community Schools Director, Quinton Lampkin, also work with Principal Burrell and Assistant Principal David Loughlin to start bringing in exciting activities for our students — each year for the next five years!

What kinds of activities?  This year, students in kindergarten will work with a teaching artist who will come to the school every Tuesday to meet with each kindergarten class and work with the teachers and students on projects incorporating visual arts, dance, theatre, music, and literature. Our teaching artist, Suzanne DeMarco comes to us from a group called LeAP — the same group that worked with Ms. Truppi on the mosaic mural project. In addition, LeAP will provide after-school programming. Another after-school offering will involve martial arts training with a focus on life skills, such as respect, discipline and self-control, provided by a group called CARE (Children Achieving Results Effectively).

How can I apply for my child to participate? This year, all kindergartners at P.S. 124 will be participating in the program with our LeAP teaching artist, during the school day. Our staff partners from Counseling in Schools (CIS) are already at work in the school offering counseling, guidance and support. If you would like your child to participate in the after-school programs this year and going forward, please download and complete one of the applications (click the link below):


Return the completed application to your child’s classroom teacher. If you have questions about the Community Schools Initiative at P.S. 124, or want more information about the different programs please contact Quinton Lampkin at

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