Counseling in Schools

P.S. 124 is happy to announce that this year our school is working in partnership with the New York City non-profit organization Counseling in Schools to provide social and counseling support to all students. Engaging in a partnership with the entire school community, CIS staff members help equip P.S. 124’s children, families, teachers, and other staff with the tools for preventing problems and coping with the different challenges they face.

CIS Interventions may include:

  • Individual Counseling that helps students develop their own awareness and understanding through conversations  with responsible adults who are specially trained to reflect upon and support social and emotional development.
  • Group Counseling that takes advantage of peer support and peer-to-peer experiences to foster self-awareness and collaborative problem-solving.
  •  Creative Arts Therapies that help students make meaning of their lives and connect to their strengths. Visual arts, mural design, creative writing, poetry, spoken word, dance, authentic movement, music, theater and photography are some of the areas that support growth within a school community.