PS 124’s school nurse is Ms. Beata Pieciukiewicz.

Parents whose children become ill at school will be contacted by the school nurse to pick up the child. It is important that parents and guardians have updated contact information on the Blue Emergency Card that includes their telephone number and alternate phone numbers where someone can be reached in their absence.

Illness: Please do not send a sick child to school. Parents are asked to wait until the child is 24 hours fever-free (without the use of fever controlling medication) before sending the child back to school. If the child has a contagious disease, such as chicken pox or strep throat, the school must be notified in writing, via email or the parent can make a phone call to the school.
When a child is well enough to return to school, a note should be sent to school in their Yellow Home School Communication Folder explaining that their absence was due to illness.

Medication: Students who have medication to be used in school must have a form 504 on file. This form can be obtained from our parent coordinator or school secretary and must be completed by the student’s pediatrician. The school nurse is the only staff member who is permitted to administer medications, including aspirin and non-prescription medications. P.S. 124 will conduct discreet, class-wide lice checks of all of its students if a student in the class has been identified to have live lice. A second examination of the students who was identified is conducted 10 days from the initial occurrence.

Flu shots: PS 124 partners with Rite-Aid Pharmacy to provide free flu shots once a year to school staff and adult family members of the school community. Flu shots are, generally, free of charge with medical insurance.