School Leadership Team

Our school community shares the belief that every child under our care can achieve high academic standards. We will provide every student with expert instruction. Our focus is on delivering engaging and rigorous standards driven curriculum based on effective classroom practices. Working in partnership with families, we will ensure that all our students develop emotionally, socially, creatively and intellectually.

The School Leadership Team (SLT) consists of an equal number of staff and parents who work collaboratively towards achieving the goals of the school. Its main mission is to develop and implement the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) every year. The SLT also works on subcommittees with other constituents on special projects that support student achievement.

At P.S. 124 the current members of the SLT are:

  1. Annabell Burrell, Principal
  2. Edmund Flickinger, teacher, UFT chapter leader
  3. Kim Hairston, parent
  4. P.J. Murray, parent
  5. Rosemary Sanchez, parent
  6. Ron McLaughlin, parent
  7. Angela Smith, teacher
  8. Thom Widmann, parent, PTA president
  9. Migdalia Franklin, teacher
  10. Thomas McMurrer, teacher