PTA Programs

The following are programs funded by the PTA:

Physical Education – Our physical education program consists of yoga for early childhood grades and NYC Department of Education sponsored physical education via a certified physical education specialist. All classes participate, at minimum, once a week.

1st Grade Theater – The goal of the first grade theater program, Shakespeare for Sprites, through the support of Freestyle Repertoire at Gallery Players, is to support an appreciation for the arts, to teach teamwork, theater elements, nurture self esteem and expose students to an art medium that they may otherwise may not have an opportunity to participate in. All students regardless of ability, take part in the final production in the spring and perform for a live audience of peers, staff, family and friends.

2nd Grade Swim – The 2nd Grade Swim Program takes place at the YMCA on 9th Street. The PTA sponsors this project through the generous of our families and through fundraising activities. All second graders are encouraged to participate and can do so through signed consent forms. 2nd grade families attend a family meeting where the program is explained before signing consent for participation. The program takes place in the fall and spring and each class averages 10-12 swim sessions. Classes attend once a week. It is very important that parents assist as chaperones to walk students to the YMCA. Parents or guardians can also participate as chaperones in the pool.